Building Energy-Efficient Custom Homes

Modern custom homes need to be built with the energy efficiency aspect covered. Any house which is designed well and built well, it is definitely bound to prevent energy loss and save a lot of money. But, a good custom home builder would contribute even more in terms of improving the energy efficiency.

An energy efficient custom home would have proper insulation. A good builder would know how much insulation to achieve within the house. Proper insulation would also prevent moisture from seeping into the house during the rainy season.

You can go for energy efficient windows which make sure that extreme temperatures won’t affect the residents inside. When energy efficient windows are used, the temperatures inside the rooms would be under control. Energy efficient windows may slightly be on the expensive side to purchase, but you need to think about the long term benefits of those windows.

Usage of energy star appliances in your house is of paramount importance to help achieve energy efficiency. Most modern appliances nowadays have energy star ratings.


Common Concerns About Building a New Custom Home

When you are building a new custom home, it is normal to be worried about a lot of things even if you have hired a top notch builder to build your new custom home. Among many other things, this constant fear of the builder overshooting the budget would always be there. Some builders tend to be a little liberal with their spending and they need to be reminded about the budget that you have set aside for the construction of the home every now and then.

Another thing which would normally concern a client is that the builder taking too long to complete the project. I have seen cases where a builder takes too long to complete even a normal production home. So, when it comes to building a custom home, there is every chance of deadlines getting extended. After all, home construction is a complicated job and making it customized specifically to your requirements and tastes makes it even more complicated that an inexperienced builder can cause delays. As a matter of fact, even an experienced builder can cause delays.


Importance of Custom Home Builder During the Design Phase

The custom home builder can accomplish a lot of things during the design phase itself. The architect works using the inputs given by the client as well as the builder. This helps in making sure that the design and the budget of the client are in sync. Only the builder would know how much a custom home construction would cost. Hence, he would be in a better position to track the design process and inform the client about potential areas which can cause the budget to be overshot.

Involving the custom home builder in the design phase also ensures that the transition from the design phase to the construction phase happens in a seamless manner without any hiccups. If not, there may be delays and gaps between the design and the construction phase which can in turn shoot up the budget and also mess up the timelines.

An experienced custom home builder such as Merlin in Las vegas can help the architect during the design phase and make sure that everything is aligned as per the expectations of the homeowner. 


How to go about finding a builder for custom home remodel?

You may want to add an extra room to your house. You may even want to remodel your entire house as you want some changes. You may be spending a lot of time researching on how to go about this. More often than not, you may be spending more time trying to identify the right builder to handle this project. For a custom home remodel, you should not simply hire a normal builder. Rather you should hire a custom home builder.

You need not have to worry a lot as there are plenty of options when you do a research online. You simply have to do your due diligence while finding one. You can simply pick up your phone and call the builders and understand how they work. You might also want to enquire about how much they charge for custom home remodel. If you are uncomfortable talking on the phone initially, you may consider sending an email to them asking for their portfolio and quote. You can exchange ideas through the email itself. You can do whatever suits you.


Importance of Lighting in Custom Homes

Lighting and ventilation is a very important aspect of designing a custom home. Good home designers and builders give adequate importance to this aspect. It is best to design the house in such a manner that there is proper natural lighting within the house during daytime to avoid unnecessary usage of electricity during daytime. Even then, proper artificial lighting is necessary during night time and also for places where natural lighting is not possible during daytime.

It is common practice among builders to use vertical windows to enhance natural lighting in the house. But, there is a lot more effective option in the form of skylights. They do a better job in maximizing natural light in the house during daytime when compared to vertical windows. As a matter of fact, skylights work well even on cloudy days.

It is always better to factor in the placement of skylights or vertical windows during the design process itself so that they are clearly laid out in the plan. Doing so would make it easy for the custom home builder to do the job correctly so as to prevent modifications later on.


Story of Building a Custom Home

Me and my wife were fed up of residing a rental home. We have been living in rented houses for quite a few years now. We were never able to call them our homes even though we paid our rent on time. We simply never liked the way the houses were designed. Things were not in the exact place we wanted them to be.

After long talks and arguments, we finally decided to buy a house of our own. Not just any house, we decided to go for a custom home because we knew that buying a regular spec home would just be similar to a rented house design wise.

Once we decided to go for a custom home, our hunt for a good custom builder was quite gruelling. It was not easy for us to trust a builder as all of this was quite new for us. We could have easily given up midway. But I was determined to complete this project successfully.

Luckily, we found a great custom home builder in Merlin. There were very helpful throughout in helping us get our first custom home.


Building a Dream Custom Home Using an Elite Builder

If your dream is to get a custom home of superior quality built, you first need to identify a superior custom home builder. He should be able to build an elite custom home for you and your family where you can enjoy true peace of mind. The home should make you feel warm and the atmosphere should be healthy. You should feel very safe in the house. You should be able to lead a relaxed life with your family.

You first need to identify all of the features which you need in your new custom home. Once you have identified all the features, you should discuss about them with your designer and the builder. You should actually first discuss these things with your family before discussing with the professionals. After all, keeping your family happy should be of utmost importance.

If your dream is to get a special custom home built in the state of Nevada, you should blindly go with the services of Merlin Custom Home Builders as they are supposed to be the best in the state.



Importance of Creativity for Custom Home Floor Plan Design

Creativity is important while designing the floor plan for a custom home. Visualization is crucial while designing the plan. You need to sit with the designer or the architect and visualize the different aspects of your dream custom home. This is one of the most difficult aspects of home plan design. This is where good architects come into play. As a homeowner, you should also involve yourself a lot in the process. You shouldn’t just leave it to the architect or the designer. After all, it is your dream home for which they are designing the floor plan.

Creating a collage board is a great idea that you can use. It is quite practical too. You don’t have to learn the technicalities of designing in order to create a simple collage board. It is the easiest way to tap into your creativity and contribute to the custom home development project.

Reading magazines related to home design would be really helpful. You can take references from them. Of course, you can browse through online home design magazines as well or even look through home design websites with images or videos.


Importance of Kitchen in a Custom Home

When it comes to a custom home construction project, the kitchen of the home is often ignored during the design and the construction phase of the project. Once the project is completed, it would often leave the women of the home disappointed. Unhappy women means an unhappy home. Hence, it is a must to pay some attention to the design and construction of the kitchen in a custom home project.

The kitchen should be spacious enough so that at least one big appliance such as a dishwasher can be placed in the kitchen. If possible, space in the kitchen should be designed such that the dishwasher, refrigerator and the microwave oven can be placed in the kitchen itself. There are appliances which are going to be used frequently while cooking.

There should be adequate storage units and cabinets in the kitchen to store the utensils. The storage cabinets should be very compact. The kitchen should have decent lighting as well. This is highly ignored by home developers. They often fit substandards lightings in kitchen. This practice should definitely be stopped. Homemakers deserve to have a bright well-lit kitchen.


Basics of Custom Home Building

Building a custom home is not a straightforward task at all. It involves a lot of research and planning. You need to have an adequate amount of money set aside for such a project as the budget. You need to hire the right people for the project which would include a good architect, and a custom home builder.

Building a custom home is like an adventure. Without proper research and planning, you are doomed to fail. Once you get started with the research, you need to compile all of your findings and keep records of them. You need to research about the various styles of modern custom homes. You need to find out all about the interiors and the exteriors of a typical custom home in the United States of America. You can do your research online but that would not be enough. You might also have to get down on the streets and have a look at different custom homes in your city and take ideas from them. Once you have zeroed in on the kind of custom home you want, you can fix the budget, hire a builder and get started with your project.