Here are some tips which would help you build a custom luxury home successfully. 

Finding the right custom home builder is the key to the successful completion of the project. Hiring the builder first and working with the builder to find the land is the best route to take.

You should demand a variety of customized options from your builder. A good builder would be able to provide you with those options and stimulate your creativity. Of course, involving an experienced custom home designer would also help.

Creating a focused layout is an important step in custom home construction. You should work with your architect and the builder to get the layout of the home figured out. Once the layout is finalized, it then becomes easier to work on the overall design of the home. Without a well defined layout, it won’t be possible to decide on the final design of the house.

Many people make the mistake of skimming over the design phase of the project which would be a bad mistake. The design phase is what determines how well your new custom home would turn out.