The custom home builder can accomplish a lot of things during the design phase itself. The architect works using the inputs given by the client as well as the builder. This helps in making sure that the design and the budget of the client are in sync. Only the builder would know how much a custom home construction would cost. Hence, he would be in a better position to track the design process and inform the client about potential areas which can cause the budget to be overshot.

Involving the custom home builder in the design phase also ensures that the transition from the design phase to the construction phase happens in a seamless manner without any hiccups. If not, there may be delays and gaps between the design and the construction phase which can in turn shoot up the budget and also mess up the timelines.

An experienced custom home builder such as Merlin in Las vegas can help the architect during the design phase and make sure that everything is aligned as per the expectations of the homeowner.