Lighting and ventilation is a very important aspect of designing a custom home. Good home designers and builders give adequate importance to this aspect. It is best to design the house in such a manner that there is proper natural lighting within the house during daytime to avoid unnecessary usage of electricity during daytime. Even then, proper artificial lighting is necessary during night time and also for places where natural lighting is not possible during daytime.

It is common practice among builders to use vertical windows to enhance natural lighting in the house. But, there is a lot more effective option in the form of skylights. They do a better job in maximizing natural light in the house during daytime when compared to vertical windows. As a matter of fact, skylights work well even on cloudy days.

It is always better to factor in the placement of skylights or vertical windows during the design process itself so that they are clearly laid out in the plan. Doing so would make it easy for the custom home builder to do the job correctly so as to prevent modifications later on.