Me and my wife were fed up of residing a rental home. We have been living in rented houses for quite a few years now. We were never able to call them our homes even though we paid our rent on time. We simply never liked the way the houses were designed. Things were not in the exact place we wanted them to be.

After long talks and arguments, we finally decided to buy a house of our own. Not just any house, we decided to go for a custom home because we knew that buying a regular spec home would just be similar to a rented house design wise.

Once we decided to go for a custom home, our hunt for a good custom builder was quite gruelling. It was not easy for us to trust a builder as all of this was quite new for us. We could have easily given up midway. But I was determined to complete this project successfully.

Luckily, we found a great custom home builder in Merlin. There were very helpful throughout in helping us get our first custom home.