The location of the rooms in a custom home plays a big role in determining how good the home is. If the rooms are not in the right place in the house, then it can affect the ambience of the home and the residents of the house will not be happy. Location of the rooms need to be planned during the design phase itself. Designers and architects need to be consulted before beginning the project so as to make sure that the custom home has all the right rooms in the right place. 

It is important to pay attention to the relaxing rooms in the house. Those rooms need to be there in the parts of the house which are quiet. Having relaxing rooms in the noisy parts of the home would be a bad mistake. For example, if the bedrooms are located in the noisy parts of the house, then it would affect the sleep of the residents of the house. But I still see a lot of custom homes having the bedrooms closer to the roads which is bad. The traffic on the roads would generate noise which would in turn affect the sleep and peace of the people in the bedrooms.