Water is scarce on many places and that would include a certain part in a particular country such as USA. The natives who are living in rural areas have problems with regards to getting clean and fresh liquid for their daily consumption due to their location and climate. For them, this is a huge and very pressing issue which must be dealt with right away. Otherwise, it will only give problems.

People there could not always get the help they need but that does not mean they have to wait and rely on the aid of others since they can just do it themselves. Native American Clean Water System is and has always been a pressing issue in this generation. Many have not made it due to drought and that must not be tolerated because it can only give the natives with more alarming issues.
The government may not be immediate when it comes to taking action but it should not be a reason for others to give up and not do anything. After all, citizens must do their best as well because it will only be for their own good. They may be able to accomplish a clean and fresh one if they only think and do whatever means necessary to acquire the water their village has long needed.
Firstly, one must observe the weather for the rain is their only hope of getting potentially drinkable liquid. Besides, they may be far from rivers and other forms of water. So, this will be their sole method of acquiring water. It only depends on how determined they get since this is also about willingness. One should never ignore the signs and every drop that hits their village.
Whenever they know the exact or particular season when the rain would pour hard, they can go and find a good spot to contain the pours. That way, they will be assured that they can get the ones that are enough for them. Because, there are actual spots which such element is abundant.
They must not forget to bring containers. They should think that they cannot achieve this without the presence of a container. That very container must be huge. That way, they get to contain more than they have expected. Also, it gives them hope and the chance to have a supply.
Here comes the most crucial part. In order for it to be a practically a hundred percent clean, it should be steamed or boiled for many hours. Through that, the bacteria get killed off slowly and that is when people can start using it for daily purposes.
Another thing is their consumption. As much as possible, they have to budget it and not let the kids come near it. Most children would play and waste it on the ground. That can be difficult for someone who lives in a place where such element is depleted.

While they do this, they should slowly call for help form the government because this cannot go for long. It has to be solved or the citizens would suffer especially the children. Everyone must use their initiative for this.